PowerApp and Node.js Server

This AppLaud demo project uses several powerful PhoneGap plugins and useful technologies to show the power of a PhoneGap App!

Different from the TMT series of tutorials, PowerApp is a complete PhoneGap for Android project, ready to run on a device. All plugins have been added for you, and there is a companion server (optional) which can be run on your local host to enable demonstration of secure third party login and to test your app’s AJAX requests before deployment.

  • Barcode Scanner Plugin: Scan Products
  • Child Browser Plugin for OpenID Secure Login from device
  • jQuery Mobile: Multi-page App, ThemeRoller, AJAX
  • Google Maps: Geolocation, Custom/ Dynamic Markers, Info Windows
  • Star Rating: Touch and Text
  • Persistent Storage: Data saved Locally and on Server
  • Node.js Companion Server

Source Code on Github

The PowerApp MDS AppLaud project is ready to import into your workspace. Just follow the instructions under Usage on the PowerApp github page. In fact, the github page contains just about everything you might want to know about PowerApp, including a link to the PowerApp Node.js Server.

If you don’t have a github account or use github, please consider it. Github is free and makes source code management a breeze (after initial learning curve): sharing, tracking issues, back up, revision control, discussion.