Get the MDS AppLaud 1.2 Eclipse Plug-In!

  1. In Eclipse ADT, Select Help -> Install New Software
  2. Click Add to enter a new Repository site
  3. The Name field is optional, “MDS AppLaud 1.2” suggested
  4. In Location, enter the download site:
  5. Select OK
  6. Select the New Site and Check the box to the left of PhoneGap for Android
  7. Click Finish and Follow the prompts
  8. If your Eclipse installation doesn’t yet include a web page editor for html files. Necessary for new Classic or Java editions.
    Install New Software -> Work with: Indigo (or Helios) ->Web, XML Java EE, and OSGi Enterprise Development -> Web Page Editor

New to MDS, Eclipse, or Android development? More details at the Getting Started page.