Prerequisites - Setting up Android ADT

For developers new to Android and/or Eclipse
The Android site is the best places to go. A few additional tips are below.

1. Get Eclipse.  Indigo (the 2011 3.7 release) is recommended.  Helios (the 2010 3.6 release) is also still supported. AppLaud 1.2.91 introduces Juno (4.2) support, but it has not yet had much testing.

Choose Eclipse Classic or Eclipse IDE for Java Developers version. If you'd like to use the Eclipse Java EE configuration, you should disable JSDT when you get to the AppLaud download.  More Here on JEE.

See here for Indigo usability differences from Helios.  

2. Follow Google’s instructions to install the ADT Eclipse plug-in. Select Help -> Install New Software to the site:
  • ADT versions from 0.9.9 through 20.0.0 have been validated.
It’s a good idea to make sure you can run hello world on the device and/or simulator.